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3D Product Cards

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Super S

A stand-on with an exceptional compact stance. Great for tight spaces and trailering.

At a glance

23 Reviews

  • Manage backyard gates with ease with the 36" deck option
  • Your choice of deck sizes ranging from 36", 48", 52" and 60"
  • Updated hip bolstering offers superior operator comfort and positioning

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Super Z HyperDrive

A high-performance zero-turn with unsurpassed strength, speed & reliability with a warranty to match.

At a glance

39 Reviews

  • Your choice of VX4 decks ranging from 60 to 72 inches
  • The 37hp Vanguard BigBlock EFI makes short work out of big jobs enabling speeds up to 16mph
  • Massive 24" drive tires and 13" front caster tires

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Vanguard Power

If you need a tough, commercial grade engine that makes you more productive, look to Vanguard.

At a glance

26 Reviews

  • V-Twin OHV Technology provides superior balance, low vibration, lower emissions, better fuel economy and higher HP/Weight
  • Advanced Debris Management keeps engine clean and cool for enhanced durability and performance

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