A Simple Datepicker using Bootstrap 4 – Datepicker-Bootstrap-4

A Simple Datepicker using Bootstrap 4 - Datepicker-Bootstrap-4
Project: Datepicker-Bootstrap-4
Author: Frontend-Paathshala
Fork: Fork on GitHub
License: MIT

Bootstrap Datepicker

This repository contains a simple HTML file implementing Bootstrap Datepicker functionality. The datepicker allows users to select dates easily within a web form. Below is a brief overview of the files and functionality included in this repository.

Files Included:

  1. index.html: This is the main HTML file containing the structure and code for implementing the Bootstrap Datepicker.


This project relies on the following external libraries and resources:

  1. Bootstrap CSS: The project uses Bootstrap version 4.5.3 for styling and layout.
  2. Bootstrap Datepicker CSS: The Bootstrap Datepicker library is utilized for date selection functionality.
  3. Font Awesome: The Font Awesome library (version 4.7.0) provides icons used within the datepicker.
  4. jQuery: jQuery library (version 3.4.1) is used for DOM manipulation and event handling.
  5. Bootstrap JS: Bootstrap JavaScript (version 4.5.3) is used for interactive components and features.


To use this datepicker in your project:

  1. Include the required dependencies in your HTML file.
  2. Copy the HTML structure from index.html into your desired location.
  3. Customize the form as needed, ensuring the id attributes and classes remain intact for proper functionality.
  4. Customize the datepicker settings by referring to the Bootstrap Datepicker documentation.
  5. Initialize the datepicker in your JavaScript file as demonstrated in the provided script section.

How to Run:

Simply open the index.html file in a web browser to see the datepicker in action.


  • This implementation uses Bootstrap for styling and layout consistency.
  • Datepicker functionality is achieved through the Bootstrap Datepicker library.
  • Make sure to include the required dependencies via CDN links or local files.
  • Customize the datepicker according to your project’s requirements by referring to the documentation and modifying the provided HTML and JavaScript code.


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.

  • index.html
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