jQuery Plugin for Responsive & Accessible Modal and Tooltips

jQuery Plugin for Responsive & Accessible Modal and Tooltips
Project: jquery-popup-overlay
Author: vast-engineering
Fork: Fork on GitHub
License: MIT

jQuery Popup Overlay

This user-friendly jQuery plugin revolutionizes the way you create modal windows and tooltips on your website. With its responsive design and accessibility features, it ensures that your popups look great and are easy to use on any device.

NPM version

Documentation & demo

Documentation & demo


Released under the MIT license.

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  • README.md
  • bower.json
  • cypress
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  • index.html
  • index.js
  • jquery.popupoverlay.js
  • package-lock.json
  • package.json


  • Version: v2.1.0
    Release Date: 2018-12-15T14:46:44Z

    9464a57 - New: Add option `blurignore`
    7cda5bd - Fix: Don’t hide background content from screen-readers if `keepfocus` is false
    6b1c784 - Fix: `focuselement` to work with `keepfocus:false`
    45aab88 - Fix: If `keepfocus` is false, don’t lock focus inside popup even if element is in focus
    14b77ea - Fix: `autozindex` to set z-index if highest z-index on page was 0 (fixes #41)
    ddf4591 - Upgrade: jQuery for demo page from 1.8.2 to 3.3.1.slim (refs #82)

  • Version: v2.0.1
    Release Date: 2018-12-10T02:14:20Z

    53ba291 - **Breaking:** Removed `backgroundactive` option, use `background:false, absolute:true`.
    9c7097b - Update: `background: false` no longer prevents interaction with background content.
    ffe6521 - Update: Allow overriding of all defaults for `type:tooltip`.
    2f442eb - New: Added method to destroy all popups ($.fn.popup.destroyall).
    086c042 - New: Added option `absolute` (boolean).
    81139df - Fix: Tooltips don’t close when clicked outside in iOS (fixes #90).
    e6f4a69 - Fix: Made scrolling inside of popup smoother in iOS.
    f03e4b0 - Fix: Added {left:0,top:0} as a default position for tooltips.

  • Version: 2.0.0
    Release Date: 2018-12-08T00:15:19Z

    No breaking changes here. The major version number is updated just for precaution since the package wasn't updated on NPM for a while.

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